HES Grants Refresh

Closed 6 Sep 2021

Opened 26 Jul 2021



More than five years on from the last refresh of our grant programmes, we are reviewing and updating our approach.

We would like your feedback to ensure that our grant programmes meet the needs of applicants and align with current policy and priorities regarding the historic environment and the wider outcomes it can deliver for society, the economy and the environment.

We have developed a draft HES Grants Framework which sets out this new approach and provides detailed information on why and how we are proposing to do this. Please ensure that you read the full document before completing the consultation.

Download the HES Grants Framework [PDF, 435KB]

Download the printable version of the consultation  [PDF, 232KB]

This survey has 16 questions.  Please provide one response per organisation.

What is the HES Grants Framework? 

The HES Grants Framework is a draft document that has been developed to guide our future grants activity. It sets out the background to the refresh of our current grant programmes and summarises the key changes being proposed to align with our Corporate Plan 'Heritage for All'.  We still have a lot of work to do to develop the detail of our new programmes, but this document shows our direction of travel and provides an opportunity for you and other stakeholders to input into the refresh process.

Why your views matter

Having already consulted internally on the framework we are now seeking feedback from our stakeholders, grantees and future applicants on the proposed approach. 


What happens next

The feedback from this public consultation will be used to inform and shape the final version of this framework.