Holyrood Park and the Road Network

Closes 30 Sep 2021

About You

1. Data Protection

We believe you should always know what data we collect from you, why we need it and how we look after it.  

What data will you be sharing?

To help us understand who we are engaging with and whether we’re involving a wide range of individuals and organisations. To better understand the impact of our decisions around the Holyrood Park road network, especially on those with protected characteristics, we’ll be asking you about some personal data and special category information. This includes:  

  • the country you are based in  
  • your postcode
  • your age range  
  • whether you have a disability
  • whether you have caring responsibilities

Aside from which country you are based in, all of these answers are optional.

If you opt in for a copy of your response or for updates when the survey results go live, we will also ask for your email address. This is held separately to your other responses.

Why do we need this data?

We want to gather feedback to inform our future decision making on Holyrood Park. Your responses will help us to understand who we are currently engaging with and to help us to improve engagement with the Park.

If you provide your email address, it will only be used in relation to updating you on the survey and held within Citizen Space, separately to your other responses.

What will we do with your data?

Our Privacy Notice explains your rights and our role in protecting the information that you share with us. We will process your Personal Data in strict accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Data Protection Act 2018.

2. Are you responding as an individual or an organisation?
3. Where are you based? (please select one)
4. If you are based in Scotland, please tell us your postcode. By providing your postcode, we can better understand your feedback in the context of a local or a visitor to Edinburgh (Optional)